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Xiaolin Showdown Kimiko Story: "A Whole Lot of Nothing – Chapter 12"

I started this chapter within an hour or two of updating the last one. I’m a little skeptical of how this’ll work out, but I hope you like it nonetheless. Thank you for the encouragement icebender22, it is much appreciated.

I don’t own or make anything from this story.

I can’t believe I just did that. My regrets started when I saw Matt cry. When the tears started flowing, I realized that it was the first time I’ve ever seen his feelings hurt. His entire face was contorted into a sad shape. The worst part was knowing that I caused it. I was causing this pain.

The sadness turned into rage and if I hadn’t been wrestling for my entire life, I’m sure I would’ve been in a bad position. He just wouldn’t give up and when I was in the arm-bar, I felt the same rage overtake me like it did in our first sparring section. This time, I didn’t muscle it out, but I flipped his face over into the mud. Eventually, it payed off with him letting go, and I slipped out as soon as he was off. I waited until he got his face out of the mud to flip him over, knee him, and pin him down.

I felt him claw and struggle under me and I grunted for Omi to come over. He started to tap out, but I couldn’t get up out of the mud. Omi helped me up partway, but Matt just stopped moving. Until then, I wasn’t thinking about getting Matt out, but when he just laid there, I felt as if my blood was replaced with ice. It seemed like an eternity as Omi desperately tugged at his hand. As the chilling horror filled my veins, I was glued to the spot.

He finally emerged and was practically encased in mud. When he saw me just standing there, he called, “Oh, don’t worry. I’m fine.” Frankly, I was just glad he was fine, but when I realized he and Om Continue reading

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Xiaolin Showdown Kimiko Story: "A Whole Lot of Nothing – Chapter 13"

Thank you for at least beginning to read this chapter. I want to thank icebender22 and xXNoIdeaForAPenNameXx again, because you seem to be the only person who actually reads my work. Again, your support is very appreciated. I’m gonna start this one up with a little bit of narration.

After Clay tucked him in, Matt was a little uneasy. Much like a child, he took the Staff of Jupiter to bed with him; a comfort object. This relic seemed to speak to his very being. It forged a connection with the future dragon beyond that of any other Shen Gong Wu. With it, Matt was satisfied to go to bed.

As seconds ticked by, Matt was completely and utterly relaxed. Seconds became minutes, and he still couldn’t bring himself to calm his thoughts enough to sleep. When those minutes turned into an hour, he fell unconscious from sheer exhaustion caused by the torrent of ideas that was his thoughts.

Unlike a regular night, this one had come after a day of great mental and emotional anguish, despite it’s pleasant beginning. This set Matt up for a rather jarring night.

Matt’s POV

Sleep came but only after an excruciatingly long wait. When it finally arrived, my entire consciousness was emptied, only to be replaced by pure nothingness. That is, until my dreams overtook me.

Total emptiness filled my mind, a relaxing backdrop for the events to come. Slowly, the blackness was replaced with a haze. It rolled like a heatwave in all directions, and I couldn’t distinguish anything in the blur. However, after a moment, the confusion settled to reveal the temple. Unl Continue reading

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Xiaolin Showdown Kimiko Story: "A Whole Lot of Nothing – Chapter 14"

I started this chapter literally minutes after the last one was up, so I hope it’ll be done within a week of the last one.

Dawn broke and for some reason, I was unusually tired. My normal morning routine started before the crack of dawn, but the sun was already peeking itself over the horizon by the time I roused. It was probably because of how little sleep I had last night.

Going back to last night, I could still feel the sickening fear that came when Matt started convulsing in bed. I was still half-asleep when I ran over to see what all the screaming about. The prone figure in Matt’s bed was almost unrecognizable. While he thrashed around in his sleep, sparks raced across almost every inch of his body, preventing me from getting to him. Normally, I would’ve dumped a bucket of water on him, but I thought that wouldn’t be a good idea since he was probably generating enough electricity to light a small city; all of which was going into the staff that he was clutching.

With every surge of electricity, Matt’s screams renewed. I couldn’t tell if they were from pain, but tears rolled off his temples, attracting sparks. When his eyes fluttered, I could see that they were rolled all the way back so that only their whites and pink underbellies showed. The sight was so horrible that I almost broke down on the spot from my complete helplessness. The electricity just kept pouring out of him and the staff was rumbling in his hands.

Suddenly, the electricity ebbed into a trickle, but Matt was still writhing around uncomfortably. That was my chance. I grabbed his w Continue reading

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Xiaolin Showdown Kimiko Story: "A Whole Lot of Nothing – Chapter 15"

Sorry for the very sudden ending in the last chapter. I just wanted to get something out. And thanks if you’ve reviewed, boo if you’re reading this and you haven’t.

The walk in the garden emulated so many that preceded it. Beautiful weather. Beautiful scenery. We weren’t really talking yet, but if it went as our other walks did, the conversation would spark deeper in the garden.

As we made our way to our usual resting place, a bench in the shade of a weeping willow, I couldn’t help but notice Clay edging closer and closer to me. I tried not to let him know that I saw, but it was extremely difficult to keep my eyes on the path and not him. He got so close that our arms brushed.

Recoiling from the contact, he mumbled, “Uh… Sorry.” Before he could flee, I grabbed his arm and wrapped mine around it. It was rigid to the touch, so I gave him one of my warmest smiles to ease his mind. Not long after, his heartbeat settled and we were at the bench. When we got to the willow tree, Clay parted a section of the hanging branches to let me pass. “After you”, he said politely with a smile. I hope he doesn’t expect me to curtsy.

“Thanks”, I said while passing to hide my embarrassment. What he did was nice, but it always made me feel a little odd. I think I’ll just focus on the nice part.

“So what’re we talking about today?”, he asked with a hint of amusement in his voice.

I gave him a play punch to the cheek. “You think sharing intimate thoughts and details of our past lives is funny?”, I asked him as I stood on the bench. This way, I was a couple inches tall Continue reading

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Xiaolin Showdown Kimiko Story: "A Whole Lot of Nothing – Chapter 17"

This one was started right after the next, so it should’ve been in some time during the week after or so. I hope that it makes up for my previously tedious post time, but I’m just hoping you enjoy.

Looking into the hand-held mirror, I was shocked to say the least. The person staring back at me was amazingly Asian. The only thing that could’ve made me look more Asian was a pair of thick-rimmed glasses.

It was almost astounding that I could see my face after hiding behind such long bangs for so long. I still had bangs, but they were considerably shorter and swept off to one side, revealing the soft pale skin of my cheeks. The rest of my hair, although it was about as long as my bangs, seemed like it was almost completely gone. It felt like three or four pounds were taken off my head. Peering into the mirror, I could actually see the swishy hair run through my fingers.

The transformation was almost more than I could handle, but Kimiko just looked thoroughly proud of herself. Until then, I didn’t really consider the implications of the “haircut”, but I should’ve known better.

“Kim, what’d you do to my head?”, I gasped finally. That wasn’t the exact response that she was expecting, so apparently it warranted a whack to the head.

“What’re you talking about?! You look amazing, Matt!”, she played with my hair a bit and fixed a few loose strands. “You actually look like a guy now, and like a guy that actually cares about how he looks.”

“What’re you saying?”, I countered. “Did you think I looked messy and unrefined before?” I tried to make those last comments as snooty and uppity as I could.

“Uh… yeah”, she answered smiling. “I think that thi Continue reading

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Xiaolin Showdown Kimiko Story: "A Whole Lot of Nothing – Chapter 18"

Whew! That last chapter was a little uncomfortable to write. Now that that steamy stuff is out of the way, I’ll try to see what I can do with this story.


Metal. The taste of metal lingered on my tongue while I was stuck in this crouching position. Matt’s huge shock left me feeling like an action figure; rigid and immobile. My muscles tensed up and refused to bend at my command, so I was stuck staring at the same spot for nearly half an hour. By the time I regained feeling in my fingers and toes, I could rock myself back and forth a bit. I managed to break out of the crouch and fall on the floor limply, but I still couldn’t move my elbows or knees, making me effectively incapacitated still.

Nearly another half hour later, I managed to get up and sit on my wooden chest. Fingering the hinges, I couldn’t help but think about what just happened. “Shoot, what’d I do?”, I thought to myself. Matt was obviously hurting and needed someone to vent to, but I just took advantage of his emotions and nearly… It wasn’t proper or respectful. It violated everything that I’ve ever been taught, and the worst part was that I was enjoying it. Some part of me was enjoying the entire thing, and it pained me knowing that I probably alienated Matt indefinitely.

I had to think of a way to make it up to him.

“Matt!”, I called when I saw him down the hall. He was still looking a bit disheveled, and he turned away when he noticed me. He wasn’t walking though, and as I neared a saw him fumbling with his clothing. With a final fluff of his hair, he turned around, good as new.

“Oh…Uh.. Continue reading

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Xiaolin Showdown Kimiko Story: "A Whole Lot of Nothing – Chapter 19"

Alright, first off, sorry I haven’t posted in ages. I’m really starting to wonder where my time is going *checks under bed*. Anyways, I really lost my train of thought with this story, so I’ll just try something and hope that I can end it well.

Matt’s POV

“Honestly, Chris,” I pleaded. “Can you stop that?” The two of them were eating in the kitchen when Clay passed by. Chris, as usual, had a stony glare focused right on Clay’s head. “You do know that he doesn’t like me anymore, right?” Somewhere deep down I knew that wasn’t true, but I couldn’t help but feel as if it was. After all, wasn’t it my fault that he’d acted like he did? The pang of remorse that stabbed at my heart was so strong that it was almost a physical sensation. I had to rub above my heart to convince myself that the skin remained unbroken. When my anxiety subsided, I grabbed the plates and placed them in the dishwasher. It was Raimundo’s turn to wash today.

“You know I can’t, Matt”, Chris replied. “I love you, Matt, and I honestly can’t stand the thought of you being with anyone else, let alone some monk you’ve known for a couple weeks.” He walked over to me and took my hand in his as he tried giving me a kind look.

“Fine, but can you at least stop being such a jerk to him?”, I snapped. “He’s a really nice guy if you give him a chance. Please, Chris. For me?” I did my best attempt at puppy-dog eyes while I nuzzled up to his chest. In retrospect, I couldn’t find any other word to describe it other than “skanky” if you consider Clay left the room only moments ago.

“Alright, alright, Matt. I’ll try”, he laughed and slipped his pinkie-ring off. “But I make Continue reading

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Xiaolin Showdown Kimiko Story: "A Whole Lot of Nothing – Chapter 20"

Wow, I haven’t updated this in… a couple months? I apologize if you’ve been waiting (which I highly doubt you have), but highschool seems to have the effect of sucking away all your time. ECA’s are a bitch XD.

Matt’s POV

When I got onto Dojo’s back, I couldn’t help but notice the tension sparking between Clay and Chris. Those two were hopeless. Not only had they been taking every opportunity to glare at one another, it felt as if the two of them were pulling me limb from limb in order to win me over. At some point, something had to give.

“Will you to stop acting like kids and just get on?”

Clay and Chris, who’d been fighting for the spot behind him hung their heads in shame and clambered up onto Dojo’s back. In the end, Clay had been the one to claim the spot, since he got up Dojo faster, but Chris took a safer position where he could hang onto one of the bigger ridges on Dojo’s back closer up to Dojo’s head. Dojo turned to face Chris.

“Remember, keep your arms and legs on the dragon at all times. If you feel the need to exit, alert the nearest-”

“Dojo!,” all five monks snapped at once.

“Alright, alright! Sheesh!,” Dojo snapped back as he snaked his way into the air.

Once they were safely (or as safe as they were at any give time) in the air, Clay tapped my shoulder. “Matt?”

“Yeah?,” I said as I turned back to him. My leg unhooked for only a second, but I was flung back into his arms.

“Easy there, partner,” Clay chuckled as he steadied me. I couldn’t help but notice that he situated me considerably closer to him.

“Thanks,” I mumbled with a hand still on his chest.

“So how’re Continue reading

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Xiaolin Showdown Kimiko Story: "Ask Anyone – Chapter 1"

Yoko: Hi there! I’m Yoko, a XS character made up by the author. Here’s the deal: I’ve rounded up the Xiaolin side and the Heylin side (for the most part, except Hannibal Roy Bean and Master Fung, they were nowhere to be found, but I did manage to get Dojo) and we’re going to let you ask any of them questions (except HRB and M. Fung, because I couldn’t find them). So, for the Xiaolin side, we have Omi something.

Omi: yes! It is me, Omi!

Yoko: yeah have fun there… Next, Kimiko Tohokimo.

Kimiko: Your name sounds kinda like mine!

Yoko: whatev. Next, Raimundo something-or-other.

Rai: Yeah, cause I’m AWESOME!

Yoko: …sure you are. Next, Dojo.

Dojo: ..hi.

Yoko: And finally, for the Xiaolin side.. *drumrolls* Clay Bailey!

Clay: howdy.

Yoko: *sighs* nothing beats an all-american cowboy.

Rai: since when is Clay an “all-american” cowboy?


Rai: oh just get on with it. For an opening chapter, your making this too long.

Yoko: shut it. Anyway, for the Heylin side.. Wuya. *crickets chirp*

Wuya: why does no one clap or something?!

Yoko: try being locked in a box for another 50,000 years. See how much people like you then.

Wuya: I was only locked in the stupid box for 1,500 years.

Yoko: same diff. Continuing on… Chase Young.

Chase: …I hate you.

Yoko: watch it. Next.. OH DEAR LORD EW!!! Kattnappe.. *shudders*

Kattnappe: HEY!

Yoko: Oh wait, another drumroll here.. Now… *drumrolls* Jack Spicer!

Chase: Why did he get a drumroll? He’s the worst person here!

Yoko: maybe because him and the cowboy are my favorite people! *drags Clay and Jack forward* Now, because these two individuals are so awesome, you are all going to sing about them!

Chase: *in a singsong voice* Jack, smells like, a goat on a, hot summer da-

Yoko: NICE songs! Praising them!

Chase: *pouts*

Yoko: I have no mercy towards you! Now, I’m not usually a person to swear or say *really* mean things, but y’all are my bitches, y’hear? now, SING, bitches, SING!

Heylin: Oh, you did not just call us bitches!

Yoko: I said sing! Before I gets madder than a rattlesnake trapped in a sand pit!

Rai: Oh no she’s talkin like a cowboy.

Wuya: this can only mean one thing.

Chase: ..EPIC FAIL. I mean, EPIC DOOM.

Kattnappe: No, epic fail fits.

Heylin: *singing badly and completely off-key with one another* Oh, all hail Jack, a total doofus but a favorite for once in his life…

Jack: Ha!

Yoko: Why aren’ts y’all singin, Xiaolins? SING!

Xiaolin: *singing only slightly better than Heylin* All hail Clay, with his 10 gallon hat and being an all-american cowboy..

Yoko: there, was that so hard?

Heylin: ..yes.

Rai: ..also yes.

Omi: it was kind of fun. Let’s do it again!

Everyone else: NO!!!

There. Review plz!

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Xiaolin Showdown Kimiko Story: "Ask Anyone – Chapter 2"

Yoko: OK. We’re back.

Chase: Unfortunately.

Yoko: *gives Chase a death glare*

Chase: eep.

Wuya: *rolls her eyes* So, anyways, get on with the questions.

Yoko: Ahem, about that… We got one review, no questions, but we were praised for our humor.

Kattnappe: GREAT! Now we’re all comic reliefs just like Jack Doofus over there!

Yoko: You did nots just call Jack a doofus.

Chase: What are you gonna do about it?

Wuya: Yeah, we’ll beat you, the Japanese poser girl, the bald kid, the Spanish kid–

Rai: I’m from Brazil!

Wuya: Oh whatever. As I was saying, the Spanish kid, and the hick over there all together!

Yoko: Y’all is gettin on my nerves worse than a swarm of blowflies in June!

Kattnappe: You couldn’t fight your way out of a paperbag!

Yoko: I’ma gettin mighty tired of y’all insultin me, Clay and Jack, y’hear? Now If I was you, I’da stop ‘fore I gets all mad ‘gain.

Chase: Whatever. If the worst you can do is make us sing songs about Jack, then your pathetic.

Yoko: Heylin, line up, get down on your hands and knees, bray like donkeys and prepare for a swift kick to the ass! Except Jack.

Chase: you cain’t make us do nothin!

Wuya: Oh no! the Hick Talk is spreading!

Kattnappe: That’s because its a disease!

Wuya: Chase is a hick! Chase is a hick! NOOO!!

Kattnappe: He’s on our side! Call him a redneck instead.

Wuya: OK, he’s a redneck!! NOOOO!!

Yoko: I can make y’all do anythin’ I wants y’all to, so stop with all this backtalk!

Kimiko: This is so stupid!

Omi: I agree.

Rai: Continue reading

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